Widen Door Openings

Many homes were designed with standard width door openings—which are usually not wide enough to navigate a wheelchair or even some walkers. That means you may have trouble accessing the bathroom safely or struggling to move through a doorway, without using an assisting device.

Home Modification Solutions offers remodeling services to widen doors, both interior and exterior, so that accessibility is possible. Our goal is to make sure that elders and aging homeowners can stay in their home for as long as possible and that any person with disabilities can have freedom and safety in their home.

When we widen door openings, we often must install load-bearing beams or redesign a part of the home. It may be an opportunity to also remodel a kitchen for better accessibility, make a bathroom safer, or add low-rise stairs for easier access.

For years, we’ve helped New Mexico homeowners renovate their homes for accessibility, with universal design features and barrier-free rooms. Call us or fill out the contact form on the homepage to schedule a no cost, at home estimate for your home renovation. We’ll also help with answers on financing options.


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