Walk-In Safety Tub

Home Modification Solutions is proud to offer one of the easiest, affordable, and popular home remodeling projects –a walk-in bathtub made by Clean-cut Tubs! For some, stepping over the edge of a bathtub is not safe. The idea of a tub to shower conversion remodel can also be daunting. If you require a tub to shower conversion for safety reasons, the Clean-cut Tub offers an easy and cost-efficient walk-in tub solution, allowing your existing bathtub to be modified in less than a day. This saves you time and money while meeting your safety requirement needs.

CleanCut offers several options depending on your needs. Whether you’re a senior, disabled or a caregiver that needs easier access to the bathtub, CleanCut has an option to fit your needs. Our first option is a cut to incorporate a step into your existing bathtub, which allows you to step though the tub wall and into the tub itself, converting it permanently into a shower. Our second option is an “Ultra-Low”which is like our Step option, but lower for easier access to the tub. This is also a permanent tub to shower conversion.

Lastly, Home Modification Solutions offers the CleanCut Tubs“Convertible”model. This easy remodel is our most versatile and fastest-growing product! The Conversion offers a removable water-tight insert to easily transition for tub to shower conversion. This safety tub conversion also allows you to user your tub as a walk-in shower or a conventional bathtub. This is an option that not only adds value to your home but will allow you to age in place comfortably as needed!

Home Modification Solutions in Albuquerque offers Clean-cut safety tubs for seniors, disabled individuals, and caregivers by providing easier access to the tub area. We also offer DIY Kits and our professional installers are available. Contact us today for your free evaluation!

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