Home Renovation Grants for Veterans

Home Modification Solutions wants to make sure that you have every resource available to you for remodeling your home. If you the need to remodel for safety purposes like universal design and barrier free living, this funding can help you. Alternatively, if something in your home needs to be remodeled because it threatens your respiratory health such as moldy carpets or leaky windows, these funds may also be of benefit to you.

Housing support for disabled veterans is available through a specially adapted housing grant (SAH). This grant helps veterans by providing a barrier-free living environment such as wheelchair accessible homes. These grants can be used to construct a specially adapted home on soon to be acquired land, build a home on land already owned or remodel an existing home for specially adapted housing.

Another option is a Home Improvement and Structural Alterations or “HISA” grant. This is a grant awarded through the local regional medical center prosthetic department. The grants are total lifetime amounts of either $2,000 or $6,800 to any veteran who qualifies. The veteran must be enrolled in VA health care and receive a prescription from the health care provider for this grant. A HISA grant will help pay for roll in showers, remodeling for access to homes, widening doorways, lowering of counters for easy access. These are all things that Home Modification Solutions specializes in!

To see if your eligible for an SAH or HISA grant visit this website or call Home Modification Solutions today! We have an in-house occupational therapist that can provide an evaluation of your home!

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